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August 23, 2007
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OGS: DGG-XAM 1 and 2 by vforvengeance OGS: DGG-XAM 1 and 2 by vforvengeance
Remember these words "Oculus Gladius Scutum"? Well, these words are basically my title for my own OGS story and the full title should be "SRW:OGS"(Strategic Retaliation Warfare: Oculus Gladius Scutum)
Alright, here goes: I'm planning to showcase my very own OGS designs because I find most of the designs in SRW are too disorganised and each designs differed from one another, what a mess! Here are my first line of OGS showcase which is the always bigger-than-life DGG series:

Left: DGG-XAM1 DaiZangar (Big Slasher Fang)-First unit with extra armors for tougher endurance since Zengar Sombolt is such a thickhead(he won't dodges when you threw a punch at him) After some discussion with my mecha friends, we come to a conclusion that the Zankatou is totally useless therefore, I switched to a more conventional katana. (Why no Zankatou? I'll tell you later)

Right: DGG-XAM2 Aubenseiter-Second unit to act as long range support for the DaiZangar and provide better mobility by transforming into a mobile horse unit to carry the DaiZangar. Ratsel Feinsmacher@Elzam V. Branstein is the pilot for this gear.
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akaidoku Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
I'm just going to guess your going to either give your own variation of the Zankantou that looks like a katana rather than very big sword
ApeCape92 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love the discription and the loved the detail of the mecha. last thing I give kudos for the one with the katana
reidge Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
the DaiZengar's color scheme's a bit too gundamish IMHO, but the Aussenseiter's really neat!!

3xMoreAnonimous Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
Nice designs, but...
They kinda lack the badassnes of originals...
flame13th Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007

Dynamic General Guardian Brothers! Dygenguar and Aussenseiter!
Raidies Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
>< but zankantou is zengar's trademark...
and seriously, blue just... doesn't fit with daizengar... but trombe comes out well.
RedWingnut Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007
While I disagree about the removal of Sanger's traditional weapon (It's kinda hard to be The Sword that Cleaves Evil without an actual over the top sword to back up the title.), the rest of this looks nice.
vforvengeance Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007
Seriously, do you think the Zankatou can really cuts thru a battleship?
Recon5 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
Oh yes it can. I thought you played the OG series? Besides, DaiZangar would have a lot of trouble attacking from Aubsenseiter's back unless his katana is 2 or 3X its current length- or he was using the Zankantou.

Its me from Mechatalk, BTW.
vforvengeance Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
Then I guess we need to do an experiment: First we need a blade more than 7 foot tall and a muscle man to demonstrate by slicing thru a van with the 'Zankatou'. If it works, then I will believe it.
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